Assouline Books: Welcome to The Epicureans’ Corner 

Looking for beautiful books for your personal library? Assouline has a lot to offer! Its unique combination of aesthetical covers as well as rich and various lifestyle contents has made Assouline books a very special brand for epicureans and decoration lovers.  

Created in the early 90s, the publishing house is now globally known as a reference in luxury cultural books. Their special editions with hardcover books and collections are sold worldwide and have been published in a large variety of themes. 

A Journey of Fashion, Culture, and Design

Assouline books were first imagined in the mid-90s when Prosper and Martine Assouline published their very first book La Colombe d’Or. The single book presented Prosper’s photographs combined with Martine’s texts about their favorite hotel in the South of France. That book marked the birth of Assouline publishing house. 

Their groundbreaking idea made them the very first fashion publisher in the world. In order to create a unique and personalized library, they started to launch their own scented candles and worked in partnership with famous fashion brands. Chanel designed a quilted leather suitcase and Goyar has created a precious book trunk for the brand. 

Their first collection Mémoire was a breakthrough. In 1997, over half a million Assouline books were sold all over the planet. Their goal was to supply quality books for a contemporary library. They haven’t stopped creating and surprising us since.

An Ongoing Success with Reinvented Books and Passion for Culture

Over time, their work has offered to the world a vast collection of books signed with their passion for art, design, travel, and culture. Their special editions - offered with handmade book jackets, have conquered the fashion and design world with very innovative books and covers. 

Take a look at their new arrivals as well as permanent books and collection, you’ll fall in love with their craftsman work, distinguished taste, and creative texts and photographs. Passionate about fashion and beauty, the French couple marked the world with their love for culture. 

Sabrina Monte Carlo’ selection of Assouline Books for your library

Today, more than 1500 Assouline titles have been published on various matters such as gastronomy, art, architecture, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Sabrina is passionate about interior decoration and believes that Assouline luxury books are a must in your place as coffee table books or to create a personalized library. 

Ready for a range of precious books that combine luxury, creativity, and modernity? Whatever the topic, we just love the brand’s books and their unique design and colors. Choose the items and topics that will fit your own place between their different collections:

  • ultimate 
  • classic 
  • icons 
  • connoisseurs 

and much more … 

Ready for hours of captivating reading?

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers a large choice of Assouline books and items. Let yourself be charmed by their unique design and precious collections. For hours of discovery, pleasure for your eyes and mind, you can choose Assouline! Whether you’re a gastronomy, fashion, design, or architecture lover, you’ll find a treasure that will make your library shine.