Haviland Limoges Porcelain For Connoisseurs

Created in 1842 by David Haviland, this iconic brand will seduce the porcelain and craftsmanship lovers. With a large variety of collections - from “heritage” classics to contemporary designs, you can be assured to find the item of your dreams. The Haviland Limoges porcelain brand is more than just a name, it embodies the art of French Luxury.

Haviland Limoges Porcelain: A Fascinating History of Arts and Trade

If Limoges has become the world-famous capital of French porcelain, it's because of Haviland’s passion for the white gold. David Haviland was an American trader who, a few years before moving to France, had a porcelain and ceramic company in New York. His passion for the Limoges porcelain made him move to France where he founded his factory.

Limoges Porcelain trade rapidly exploded and David’s creativity and innovation were celebrated worldwide.  Years later, he had the honor of receiving a gold medal at the Crystal Palace Exhibition, also known as the Great Exhibition of New York. In 1855, he was again rewarded for his successful work and received a silver medal at the universal exhibition in Paris. 

Innovative Techniques and Technologies 

Haviland Limoges Porcelain success was not only due to David’s trade skills and vision, but also to his innovative decorative techniques and technologies. His acquisition of revolutionary machines made him the most renowned French porcelain manufacturer. 

The quality and beauty of their porcelain reached the most prominent characters of their times, and still do today. Many great names have been attracted to the renowned porcelain brand such as Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie, Prince Rainier of Monaco, President Roosevelt, and many others. 

After more than 175 years, the name continues to charm porcelain lovers and their items can be found in many prestigious palaces and restaurants. Haviland Limoges porcelain has successfully maintained its fine reputation by offering worldwide the finest quality porcelain combined with a pronounced taste for art, beauty, and delicacy.

Sabrina Monte Carlo’s Love for Haviland

Sabrina Monte Carlo aims to offer the finest quality items to fulfill all decorative tastes and desires. This top-selling brand is a great choice for everyday chinaware. We mostly love the following collections :

  • Le bestiaire, 
  • Hollywood, 
  • Infini, 
  • Le Brésil.

As mentioned on their website, “At Haviland, it is the everyday passion that builds the success of the maison, with which we continue to write our legend.” For more decoration inspiration with Sabrina Monte Carlo, take a look at our brands

Our Haviland Limoges Porcelain’ Favorites

Haviland’s timeless innovation and creativity in the field of porcelain has made it one of the most famous porcelain brand. 100% from French craftsmanship, and in the spirit of the ancestral techniques discover their unique collections of porcelain. Let yourself be seduced by their legendary know-how and designs inspired by classic styles or modern art. 

Their unique combination of craftsmanship and modernity allows us to enjoy products of the highest quality and the finest tastes.